Sports People

To be a successful sportsperson, you need a high level of dedication and discipline. When that is threatened or taken away, situational depression among other anxieties can kick in. Working in a team can also have its stressors, and conflicts are almost inevitable. It is always good to have someone come in and talk to the team, especially if they are going through a tough season.

Stress and anxiety in athletes are related to:

  • Level of performance
  • Environmental changes like a new team
  • Individual perception of the environmental demand
  • Suspension or retirement
  • Behavioural consequences

Like most people, athletes may not know how to deal with stress effectively. The first point of call would be their coach or team captain. It is essential that the appointed coach and team leader know about the resources available and where they can find help. There are many signs and symptoms of stress. Just like other people, every athlete is different, so one sign or symptom described by one athlete may be different from another athlete’s experiences.

Trevor Hall has personal and professional experience in understanding and coping with the pressures that affect professional sportspeople and their teams. He has a particular interest in working with sportspeople, specifically those who are experiencing traumatic and developmental transitions as a result of an injury that has lead to retirement.