Individual Counselling

This type of counselling session involves two people, the counsellor and the patient. Sometimes referred to as psychotherapy, it is a safe, caring and entirely confidential space. The patient is free to confide in the psychologist completely. There are societal perceptions about who professional counselling is designed for, but individual counselling is recommended for all people regardless of age, sex, gender, race, nationality or social class. Building a culture where we talk about our issues before they escalate is vital.

What can I expect?

One session generally lasts from between 40 minutes up to an hour, and you as the patient gets to express your concerned and anxieties. The sessions will typically take place once a week at a mutually agreed upon date and time. Your first session will be exploratory, and Trevor Hall will get to know you and your concerns. This creates an open relationship and it is essential that you feel safe enough to open up. If you need a diagnosis and medication, you will then get a psychiatrist referral.

How do I get started?

You can contact our practice to book an initial appointment. You will then be requested to provide some information and a suitable date and time for your appointments. Your psychologist, Trevor Hall, will discuss fees, payment options and expectations for the first session. In your session, you may also set goals to work towards and strategize on how you will achieve them.