Couples Counselling

This type of counselling is designed to explore relationship dynamics, and how you both relate and collaborate with one another. It is essential that we create and maintain healthy relationships that practice good communication, and are built on mutual respect. Couples counselling encourages positive relationship interaction.

Counselling often starts when the couple is in crisis, but you need to know that all couples are capable of having destructive behaviours and interaction styles. Having a third and neutral voice can help identify what the real issues are. Sometimes it can be challenging to initiate uncomfortable conversations. Trever can help you start off those conversations and help guide you through them. Couples counselling includes marriage counselling and possibly pre-marital counselling.

Premarital counselling is a type of therapy for couples looking to get married. It can help you both build a strong foundation for a stable and satisfying marriage. Healthy relationships mean healthy families, and healthy families lead to healthy communities. If you feel that you or your partner are struggling with communication or want to communicate better, you can contact our practice to book an appointment.