Adolescent Counselling

This type of counselling is aimed at young people, particularly teenagers and pre-teens to help them make sense of the changes and challenges they face. Adolescent counselling explores ways to manage better their emotions, behaviours and thought processes which support them through the transition to adulthood.

From the age of 10 to 19 years, young people go through a period called adolescence. It is not a disorder, but a natural stage of life we all have to go through. This is the time when puberty kicks in, and hormonal changes affect the mental and physical wellbeing of the child.

During this stage, bodily changes have a substantial impact on mood swings and fluctuations in confidence. The same way that adults sometimes have a difficult time accepting our physical changes, teens go through the same emotions and do not necessarily know how to understand and process these inevitable changes.

Why is adolescent counselling important?

It is vital that we raise confident and sound-minded adults. These qualities are compromised when a child is not equipped with the necessary skills to self-manage and make sound personal judgements. Adolescent counselling is designed to help teens through this stage.