About Trevor Hall

Name: Trevor Hall
Qualification: MA Counselling Psych (passed with distinction - UJ)
Registration Category: Counselling Psychologist
HPCSA No. PS 013 9858
Practice No. 0751456

I am a registered counselling psychologist who is currently practicing in Cape Town. I have experience in working with individuals who are living with anxiety, depression, and other issues of adjustment. I employ a combination of psychoanalytic, existential, and cognitive psychotherapeutic approaches.

Additionally, and due to my personal experience as a professional athlete, I have a special interest in working with sportspeople - specifically those who are experiencing traumatic and / or developmental transitions due to injury and / or retirement. I also have personal and professional experience in understanding and coping with the pressures of professional sport at both individual and team levels.

Finally, I am interested in general team dynamics, and the role of personality and culture in team working environments.

Trevor Hall's Approach

I employ an integrative approach to psychotherapy. This includes the integration of appropriate theory and methods that are tailored to suite each individual. I believe that the music of existence comprises the interplay between physical, biological, psychological and social notes; and that human beings have, for the most part, an innate capacity to orchestrate their own symphonies. - Trevor Hall